creative works

Hey Clown Ventures was founded in 2014 to invest in and promote creative works.

Currently projects include: selva oscura press (a small press publisher of poetry and art), and Lute & Drum (an arts quarterly).

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December 2016  Issue 8 of Lute & Drum is up! Thanks to contributors: Jessica Q. Stark, Navid Naderi, Lindsey Andrews, Adam Strauss, Patrick Morrissey and Alastair Cook.

January 2016 Ken Taylor has a new book of poetry out: self portrait as joseph cornell from Pressed Wafer, available at Small Press Distribution.



December 3, 2015: Lute & Drum selected by Entropy Magazine as one of the Best of 2015!

November 25, 2015: Issue 4 of Lute & Drum is now up! New work by Tanya Olson, Adam Strauss, Lee Ann Brown, Swoon (AKA Marc Neys), Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Nathaniel Tarn, and Jeffrey Gardiner.

October 28, 2015: On sale now: "Moment's Omen" by Nathaniel Mackey at selva oscura press.

August 15, 2015: Issue 3 of Lute & Drum is now up! New work by A.L. Nielsen, Stefania Heim, Marta Núñez Pouzols, Damien-Adia Marassa, Lauren Pawlak, and Julian Semilian.

May 15, 2015: Issue 2 of Lute & Drum is now up! New work by Joseph Donahue, Lissa Wolsak, Andrea Applebee, Chris Vitiello, Seulghee Lee, and Adra Raine.

February 14, 2015: The first issue of Lute & Drum is now online! New work by Nathaniel Mackey, Magdalena Zurawski, Patricia Thornley, Ben Lee, Robert Archambeau, Mark Scroggins, and Edric Mesmer.

On sale now! dog with elizabethan collar, a collaboration of poems and art by Ken Taylor, Leigh Suggs, Karen Kaapcke, Leslie Blackmon, Jeff Filipski, Patricia Thornley, Ginnetta Correli, Dale Gottlieb, Hall Jameson, Victoria Selbach, Kate Louise Taylor, Matt Calcavecchia and Don Lyle.

Review of "dog with elizabethan collar" at ARDOR