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26 May 2014

Ken Taylor – poems

1. movie for the blind (with audio by author)
…. - Video remix by Marc Neys
2. also sprach zarathustra (with audio by author)
3. by flight & call of sure omen (with audio by author)
4. self-portrait as joseph cornell (with audio by author & Nic Sebastian)
5. on the trail of the dinosaur (with audio by author)

movie for the blind

Film by Swoon Words and voice: Ken Taylor (http://poetrystorehouse.com/2014/05/26/ken-taylor-poems/#movie) Concept, camera, editing & music: Swoon Add; footage: Videezy

also sprach zarathustra

the philosophy behind the song is the song.
the song not the song is a song to weather
or picking your teeth with nietzsche’s pointy
shoes. that eternal recurrence of the same:
of the same. we found caning from a chair
& the dithyrambic scamper around a fire pit.
let’s talk to a dog in the dark about binomial
nomenclature or that this is a business trip.

jupiter rises with wind of another squall again
over crisping marshmallows & sparks jumping
into a brown tilting green. sapphic feet shiny
with toe-rings & aulos insisting circular breath.
halting minuet. losing god by twilight shame:
cover crop puce too brief to land an epithet.

(first published in Finery)

by flight & call of sure omen

slow trudge of hosts clotting a guise.
half moon. crabapple bloom & cupped
hands compete for sunrise. nothing
completes a creaky bus not stopping.
cricket & quarter note bird & not bird
chorusing the colophon simple due to
escheatment or enchantment or crow
code in nude limbs over a coed treat.

side road trees thinned so swiss-type
flavors flow & follow the ever-berrying
gathered hair. sorrow song. tomorrow
they say all the second act changes to
their mud-flap haiku will make perfect
sense of us: opera hats tipping adieu.

(first published in Cloud Rodeo)

self-portrait as joseph cornell

not once did i lift the skirt of a ballerina.
boxes in the yard means a local scandal
& thus all this organized departure. birds
will live here for a time before they pipe
broken clay songs & wake the neighbors.
rose comes (not the actress but the slight
era before constellations show or planets)
in a darker crinoline with fresh instructions.

everyone says it’s important to masticate:
smaller food suits you. this found laundry
ticket fends off sophistry. my flautist rang
the other day & claimed she couldn’t keep
our appointment. hiccupping ampersands
again, she said, & dust & glass & swan.

(first published in 3:AM Magazine )

on the trail of the dinosaur

barely slightly sank into his loveseat &
purified wings of ecstasy before the egg
to silk effect: heirloom 12-gauge blast.
& witnessed desire if used in moderation
which he didn’t do will keep many a soul
afloat splatter. self-inflicted kick drum on
the ballad: on the one. afferent autumn
champ & shut: he’s another matter now.

barely slightly dropped a magic poncho
at the smallest ask. jaw thrust to alpine
view: ascanio spread: rorsharch test in
lieu of stud finder all over the doublewide
wallpaper. oil patch buck shot & pull back
to cul-de-sac to troposphere to firmament.

(first published in ARDOR)