Two Poems Posit / by Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor


seconding speech


reveries still wet with soft shoe behind

tease of a carbon footprint bound geisha

small. grain science helps however large

we think or maybe ring the conflagration

steward. held back tears as a curtain call

beckons: lost wax in the new suit. i can’t

ponder with fidelity & yet feelings trigger

flock loyalty: constant return to the fallen.


our confected blood lust begs that falsetto

true to time & place: elder story of hanged

pilgrims or the well-hung argument: limbic

reward for fruitful aggression. fast-forward

to a repast of quinces or stiffly named lack

or smiling banquet baked into the system.


florence syndrome


in the disfigured film up swims a face.

reverberant brunt: traces in the last of

de kooning. his eyes burn behind burnt

as if beauty is frank o’hara: gone. can’t

hear him mutter past a slit he makes of

mouthing: translation not sound. glare

then framed by white & white & white:

disrupted in the springs not abstracted.


somnolent fog: latter galleries drifting:

untitled. untitled. untitled. no title. none

signed: taffetas opened by other hands.

winsome celluloid squirms: non-action.

the camera nth dithering: here & away:

now & not. curt castaway clap. blackout.