2 Poems InDigest Magazine / by Ken Taylor

By Ken Taylor | Published: September 30, 2014


now voyager

about our fowls & sessile & stuck inside
chthonic cant: limping iambics: plastic
spirits & elastic feet. we strike at light
with sticks. heels struck up. wits spent.
but made you by the stars in our bones
& violence. sparrow insistence & whale
ode. 2 on a match. pulsar map & pygmy
chant. narrow probe: qua pelvis of song.

exhausting manifold bent for bow shock:
boom-shocka-locka through heliosheath.
little psalter rocking 8-track in solar wind
& packing blind willie johnson: we send
you: willful tamper of sheepdog thinking:
ultrasonic tramper: beyond our gravity.


she relevées when she tamps down

my campaign for weakness milk spoiled
by piercing & rump of red winter wheat:
waders frame the ramp up to calving &
biomass of daydreams. steaming strives
to frothing: high-hats free-trading solos.
our barista doses every cockcrow wish:
live nude roiling & microfoam as hearts
are poured: verges broken: deliverance

looked for w/ shining. & these enemies
of the novel
are my enemies: fen, knock
box fling, spooned foam. i sing of double
pull from burr machines & drifting trouble:
animated russets to cordwood stacked for
later heat. her storming wand now lifting.